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15 Best Places in Wellington for Outdoor Photography

Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city, is a beautiful place to live or visit, and it’s a paradise for photographers. The city is home to many beautiful outdoor shooting spots, from lovely gardens and wildlife preserves to breathtaking seaside vistas. Here are 15 of Wellington’s most picturesque photo locations.

A famous location for landscape photography, Mount Victoria offers sweeping vistas of the city and port. The hours around sunrise and sunset are particularly lovely.

The Botanic Garden is a fantastic location for nature and garden photography because it has so many lovely plant types and scenery. Visit the rose garden immediately.

Oriental Bay: With breathtaking views of the port and the city skyline, this beachside area is a lovely place for sunrise or sunset photography.

Zealandia: This wildlife refuge is a fantastic location for taking stunning pictures of native New Zealand birdlife and other natural sceneries.

Red Rocks Reserve: This coastal reserve is a special place for photography because of the towering cliffs and seal colonies. The cliffs provide a lovely backdrop for breathtaking coastline views.

Matiu/Somes Island: With stunning harbour vistas, this protected nature reserve makes a wonderful setting for wildlife and landscape photography.

Wellington Waterfront: With stunning views of the harbour and city, the waterfront region provides many fantastic chances for street and urban photography.

Hutt River Trail: This serene track for biking and strolling offers a variety of stunning views, including those of the river and wildlife.

Makara Beach: With its stunning rock formations and surf, this undeveloped beach on Wellington’s west coast makes for an excellent location for rugged coastal photography.

Wairarapa: With its undulating hills, wineries, and quaint tiny towns, the rural Wairarapa region is a fantastic place for landscape photography. It is located just outside of Wellington.

City to Sea Bridge: This pedestrian bridge is an excellent location for photography because it provides stunning views of the city and waterfront.

Cuba Street, located in the centre of Wellington, is a vibrant and active street that has many options for street photography and documenting urban life.

Kelburn Park is a wonderful site for landscape photography since it provides a stunning view of the city and port.

Pencarrow Head: This location offers a stunning coastal vista as well as the chance to take lovely pictures of the old lighthouse.

Karori Wildlife Sanctuary: This reserve offers stunning scenery and the chance to take pictures of local wildlife and birdlife.

The 15 spots we’ve mentioned here are only the tip of Wellington’s abundance of outdoor photographic opportunities. We invite you to scout out the area and discover your own undiscovered photographic gems. There’s always something new to learn, whether you’re a professional photographer or just love taking pictures for fun.

Your suggestions for Wellington’s greatest outdoor photography sites are welcome. Andy welcomes your suggestions, which you can submit to him at We’d love to include a few of your suggestions in an upcoming blog post.

Now venture outside and begin your exploration! In this breathtaking metropolis, anything is possible when it comes to taking gorgeous pictures.

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