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Imagine yourself at your most fantastic event; a grand opening, an awards ceremony, or even an intimate affair. Now, picture having those special moments captured forever by Wellington’s leading event photography service – Andy Barker Photography. With over a decade of experience, we specialize in both corporate and personal events, documenting every heartfelt smile, round of applause, and proud toast. But we offer more than just photography; our comprehensive services include cutting-edge videography, live-streaming, and unique custom backdrops for every occasion. Plus, with our state-of-the-art SpotMyPhotos service, we can provide instant sharing of your professionally captured memories. I invite you to be part of this extraordinary journey where your vision and our expertise come together to create spectacular event memories.

Choosing the Right Event Photography Service

Selecting the perfect event photography service is more than simply finding someone with a camera. It’s about finding a professional who can capture the unique essence, emotion, and journey of your event. Whether you’re hosting a personal celebration or a corporate event, the choice you make today will affect how you relive these memories tomorrow.

Why Choose Wellington Photography

Wellington Photography stands out as the leading choice for event photography in Wellington and beyond. Offering an unrivalled blend of quality, creativity, and professionalism, Wellington Photography is dedicated to making your events memorable and remarkable.

Experience Matters in Event Photography

The importance of experience in event photography cannot be overstated. With over a decade’s worth of expertise, Wellington Photography has honed the skills and techniques needed to encapsulate even the smallest of details and emotions within their stunning photographs.

Wellington Photography – A trusted partner for Personal and Corporate Events

From corporate achievements to intimate gatherings, Wellington Photography has had the privilege of being a trusted partner in capturing these significant moments. Their vast portfolio of personal and corporate events is testament to the trust and confidence users have in their service.

The Uniqueness of Wellington Event Photography

Wellington Event Photography brings a unique flavour to every event it covers, offering a comprehensive range of photography services customized to meet individual client needs.

Offering Comprehensive Photography Services

Beyond the routine click-capture-print, Wellington Event Photography offers you a suite of comprehensive photography services including professional headshots, corporate photography, and family photos, among others.

Specialized in capturing every emotion, every detail

At Wellington Event Photography, they believe that true photography lies in capturing the emotion and the detail. Every applause, every toast, and every heartfelt smile are preserved in their frames, providing clients with lasting memories of their special moments.

More than just photography: Videography and Live Streaming Services

In this digital age, Wellington Event Photography recognises the importance of videography and live streaming services. Perfect for sharing your event in real-time, they offer HD and 4K video quality to ensure every precious moment is captured in exceptional detail.

Exploring the Features of Wellington Photography Services

Choosing Wellington Photography Services also gives you access to many additional features that elevate your experience.

State-of-the-art technology and equipment

Utilising current and top-of-the-line technology and equipment is key in refining the quality of photographs. From the cameras to the lenses, each piece of equipment used plays a significant role in encapsulating a moment in time.

Custom Backdrops for every occasion

At Wellington Photography, they understand the impact a backdrop can have on a photograph. They therefore offer tailor-made backdrops that include a variety of different themes and images, ensuring each photo stands out as a keepsake.

SpotMyPhotos – Instant Photo Sharing

Wellington Photography also offers SpotMyPhotos, a unique feature that allows instant sharing of professional images during an event, enhancing the overall experience and boosting engagement.

Tailoring the Event Experience with Wellington Photography

The team at Wellington Photography appreciates the diversity and uniqueness of each event, providing custom-tailored solutions to maximise customer satisfaction.

Turn your event into an unforgettable experience

By tailoring each experience to meet individual objectives, Wellington Photography aims to make your event not only memorable but absolutely unforgettable.

Event solutions customized according to client needs

No two events are the same, and understanding this, Wellington Photography provides solutions and packages that are customizable according to the specific requirements and needs of each client.

A seamless and efficient Service

From the moment they arrive, Wellington Photography strives to offer a seamless and efficient service. This includes a 72-hour turnaround for photos, online delivery, and flexible packages to cater to both corporate timelines and personal preferences.

Why Choose Wellington Photography for Your Corporate Events

Corporate events hold a special place in the Wellington Photography portfolio. They understand that these occasions bear a significant influence on how a company represents itself both internally and further outward.

Professional Imaging Solutions for Corporate Events

From product launches to annual meetings, Wellington Photography offers professional imaging solutions that successfully story-tell every aspect of the event.

Capturing Corporate Milestones and Success

Emphasizing on corporate branding and image, Wellington Photography ensures to capture not only the corporate milestones but also the individuals responsible for the success.

Enhancing Corporate Image with Unique Backdrops

With unique corporate backdrops and a choice of green screen options, Wellington Photography can enhance your corporate image and give your event photos a unique touch.

Choosing Wellington Photography for Your Personal Event Celebrations

While corporate success is great, Wellington Photography understands that personal triumphs and celebrations are equally deserving.

Making your personal celebrations unique

Whether it’s a milestone birthday or an anniversary, Wellington Photography extends their professional services to make every personal celebration distinctive and unforgettable.

Wellington Photography for every kind of personal events

No personal event is too big or too small for Wellington Photography. Their goal is to provide the same level of professionalism, attention, and quality irrespective of the size or type of event.

Capturing intimacy and joy in personal events

Wellington Photography presses pause on the happiness, warmth, and intimacy of personal events, giving you the opportunity to relive those moments through their stunning photography.

Flexible and Fitting Packages

Understanding that every event has its characteristics and demands, Wellington Photography offers flexible and fitting packages that cater to a variety of needs.

Bespoke package offerings

From one-hour slots to multi-day events, Wellington Photography offers a range of bespoke packages that are designed to provide the best value without compromising quality.

Fitting within timelines and personal preferences

Wellington Photography takes pride in their flexibility, ensuring their photography services are seamlessly integrated into your event and fit well within your timeline and personal preferences.

Discounts for Multi-day bookings

If your event extends beyond a single day, fear not! Wellington Photography offers discounts for multi-day bookings, ensuring excellent value for money over the entire duration of your event.

The Uniqueness of Wellington Photography Backdrops

Wellington Photography offers a range of unique backdrops to give your event a personal touch.

Offering green screen and non green screen backdrops

Wellington Photography goes beyond conventional backdrops by offering green and non-green screen backdrop options, allowing them to create virtually any background you desire.

Custom backdrop possibilities

The possibilities are endless as they offer custom backdrops, where you can feature your company’s logo, match the brand’s colour scheme, or align with event’s theme.

Event-enhancing backdrop options

The bespoke backdrops from Wellington Photography, regardless of green screen or other custom designs, all aim to enhance events by adding an extra pop of excitement or elegance to both your posed and candid shots.

Contact Wellington Photography – Capture Your Event in Style

Whether a corporate function, a personal celebration, or anything in between, Wellington Photography is ready to capture your event in style and make the memories last a lifetime.

Reach out to Wellington Photography for inquiries

You can contact Wellington Photography for any inquiries, or to learn more about their services. Their approachable team is always ready to assist.

Plan a memorable event with Wellington Photography

With Wellington Photography, event planning is easier. They help you plan your event down to the smallest detail, ensuring that every moment is as memorable as possible.

Enrich your event with the touch of Wellington Photography

Adding Wellington Photography to your event not only guarantees professional photography services, but also a touch of creativity, uniqueness and a promise of an unforgettable experience.

Photography Packages and Additional Services

Lastly, Wellington Photography offers a variety of packages and additional services, all designed to enhance your photography experience and meet all your event needs.

Different packages offered by Wellington Photography

The importance of variety cannot be understated, and with an offer of diverse packages, Wellington Photography caters to a variety of requirements and budgets.

Add-ons for enhancing photography experience

The enhancement of your photography experience doesn’t stop at the package selection. Wellington offers various add-ons like SpotMyPhotos with custom branding, backdrop rental, custom backdrop, and more.

Pricing for different services and packages

Wellington Photography believes in transparency and ensures that each pricing element for the different services and packages is clearly communicated. Making it easier for you to make an informed choice and select the package that best suits your needs.

As you can see, Wellington Photography is a comprehensive and professional solution for all your event photography needs. Offering a variety of services and features, they aim to make your event not just memorable, but truly unique, and capture it in a style that is rightfully yours.

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