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In the heart of Wellington, Andy Barker Photography offers a top-tier event photography service that goes beyond merely capturing images. We masterfully immortalize both corporate accomplishments and personal celebratory moments, ensuring that every spontaneous grin, applause, or toast is beautifully captured. With over a decade of experience doting on everything from grand openings to intimate gatherings, every snap reflects the unique ethos of your event. Alongside, our advanced videography and live-streaming services, coupled with tailor-made backdrops and instant photo sharing options, let us extend your event’s reach to a more considerable audience. Here at Andy Barker Photography, our mission is to make your memories last forever.

Event Photography Wellington: Capturing Significant Moments

Hi there! My name is Andy Barker, and I specialize in event photography in Wellington. As a professional photographer, I see my role as capturing significant moments in the most expressive, beautiful way possible. Whether it’s for a corporate event or an intimate family gathering, I aim to tell your story through my photographs.

About Andy Barker Photography

I’ve been in the photography business for over a decade, providing both corporate and personal event photography services. Throughout my career, I’ve had countless opportunities to capture applause, toasts, heartfelt smiles, and moments of joy. And with each event, my mission remains the same: to reflect the unique spirit of your occasion and make your memories last a lifetime.

Unique Selling Proposition

What sets Andy Barker Photography apart from others is my commitment to understanding your unique needs and delivering a service that exceeds expectations. I provide tailored services to suit your event, be it corporate achievements or personal celebrations. In this age of technology, I found it crucial to innovate my photography approach, which is why I now offer videography and live streaming services.

Types of Events Covered

Corporate and Product Launch Events

Corporate events are often significant milestones for any company. If you’re launching a new product or celebrating a great year, I make sure to perfectly document these important moments.

Milestone and Birthday Parties

Parties are where a lot of wonderful, candid moments happen, and I’m always thrilled to be part of these celebrations. May it be a special birthday or a milestone event, each moment captured is a treasure for you to look back on.

Graduations and Family Gatherings

Graduations and family gatherings are celebratory moments that deserve to be remembered. I aim to capture the joy, pride, and love that overflow during these events, providing you with priceless mementos of these significant times.

Why Choose Our Service?

Experience and Expertise

With over a decade of experience in the photography industry, I have honed my skills and developed a keen eye for capturing the right shots during any event.

Comprehensive Photography Solution

Not only do I provide photography services, but I also offer videography and live streaming, allowing your event to be shared in real-time with HD and 4K quality options.

Fast and Seamless Service

I value your time. That’s why I ensure a 72-hour turnaround for photos and a seamless, fast service that caters to both corporate timelines and personal preferences.

Versatile and Flexible Packages

Every event is unique and requires a different level of coverage. I offer versatile and flexible packages that can fit any event – big or small, simple or grand.

Unmatched Videography and Live Streaming Services

Sharing event in real time

In this digital age, it’s essential to keep up with trends. This is why, aside from traditional photography services, I also provide live streaming services. You can share your event in real time, reaching more people and expanding your audience.

Quality of Videography: HD and 4K options

When it comes to videography, quality matters. Therefore, I offer HD and 4K options to ensure that your event videos are sharp and clear, giving your audience the best viewing experience.

Unique Custom Backdrops for Every Occasion

Addition of Flair to Events

My custom backdrops are another service I provide to add more flair to your events. Whether it’s for corporate logos or themed celebrations, these backdrops can make every photo stand out.

Customization options

Your satisfaction is my utmost priority. With this in mind, I provide customization options for your backdrops, ensuring that each one aligns with your theme or branding.

Importance of Making Every Photo a Keepsake

I understand the significance of making every photo a keepsake. Therefore, I make sure that my custom backdrops help craft your photos into remarkable memories.

Instant Sharing with SpotMyPhotos

Immediate Professional Image Sharing

SpotMyPhotos is a great platform for immediate sharing of professional images, enhancing your event experience and interaction.

Benefits for Corporate and Personal Events

This feature can boost engagement and enjoyment, both for corporate and personal events. It’s a personalized experience that brings a unique level of interaction and connectivity to your event.

Boosting Engagement and Enjoyment

The instant sharing feature of SpotMyPhotos can significantly boost engagement and enjoyment during your event, leading to a more memorable and engaging experience for everyone involved.

Professionalism Beyond Just Photography

Role as Partners in Event Success

As a professional photographer, I see myself as more than just someone who takes photos. I see myself as your partner in capturing success and joyous moments in every event.

Comprehensive Approach: Photography, Videography and Live Streaming

My comprehensive approach includes photography, videography, and live streaming, catering to all your needs and ensuring no moment is missed.

The Importance of Fast Service and Multi-Day Discounts

72-hour Turnaround for Photos

I understand the importance of delivering your photos fast. That’s why I commit to a 72-hour turnaround for photos, ensuring you receive your images promptly.

Online Delivery Catering to Corporate Timelines and Personal Preferences

I cater my delivery service to corporate timelines and personal preferences. You can rely on me to deliver your photos online, ensuring you get your images in a timely manner.

Special and Tailored Discounts

Aside from offering competitive prices, I also provide special and tailored discounts, making my photography services even more affordable.

Contact Us Today – Let’s Create Together

Invitation to Clients

My promise to you is that we’ll create something extraordinary together. Your event, be it a corporate milestone or a personal celebration, deserves the best.

How to Reach Out

Reach out to Andy Barker Photography today and let me help you capture every cherished moment.

Promise of Creating Something Extraordinary

Together, we’ll create something extraordinary as I capture your personal and corporate milestones.

Photo Wall Backdrops with Green Screen Options

Setting the Right Tone for Event

Choosing the right backdrop can set the tone for your event. Whether you need something elegant or exciting, I can provide what you need.

Description of Backdrop Material and Dimensions

My professional backdrops stand at 2.4m x 2.4m and are made from wrinkle-free, high-quality tension fabric.

Customization and Green Screen Options

Need something unique? I also offer custom green screen options.

Contribution to Image Enhancement

Having the right backdrop for your photographs can greatly enhance the overall aesthetic of the image.

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