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Imagine planning your big day with eyes twinkling with anticipation, yet searching for the right hands to entrust with capturing your precious memories. Look no further than Andy Barker Photography, your go-to destination for extraordinary Wellington wedding photography. Home to a team of dedicated professionals, we strive to capture your unique love story through stunning and timeless photos, catching all the fleeting moments from smiles and tears to tender embraces. Using sophisticated dual-camera techniques, we ensure precision in every snap. We also offer personalized experiences with options like pre-wedding shoots and tailored wedding packages to cater to your specific needs. Bearing the charm of Wellington and beyond, we are ready to travel across the globe for your dream destination wedding, capturing the magic of your wedding wherever you desire.

The Magic of Wellington Wedding Photography

As a professional wedding photographer in Wellington, I have discovered that there’s something magical about capturing a love story in pictures. Weddings are brimming with heartfelt emotions, spectacular moments and cherished memories. As a Wellington wedding photographer, my goal is to frame these indelible impressions in timeless, enchanting photographs that you can treasure for a lifetime.

Tailoring Your Love Story in Pictures

I believe that every couple holds a distinct love story, unique to their journey and relationship. It’s this story that I strive to capture in my pictures, tailoring every image to narrate a special chapter of your romantic journey. From the vibrant energy of the celebrations to the quiet, intimate moments between the couple, each picture is a reflection of your personal narrative.

Capture Every Fleeting Moment

If there’s one thing I have learned in my years of shooting weddings, it’s that every moment is fleeting. The blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments, the laughter, the tears of joy, the unexpected moments – I aim to capture them all with artistic precision, creating a vivid tableau of memories that tell the story of your special day.

From Smiles to Tears: Embodying Raw Emotion

The beauty of a wedding is in its raw, unfiltered emotion. Whether it’s the joy in your smiles, the love in your eyes, or the happy tears that roll down your cheeks, my camera captures these emotions in their most profound and genuine form. This authenticity is what makes your wedding photos come alive, evoking the emotions and memories even years later.

Exclusive Photography Techniques

The Sophisticated Dual-Camera System

To ensure that every moment of your wedding is captured in vibrant detail, I employ a sophisticated dual-camera system. This system allows me to capture multiple angles and perspectives, resulting in a richer and more comprehensive array of images.

Securing Additional Coverage & Videography

For those who want to elevate their wedding coverage, I offer the option of additional videography. This service provides a more dynamic and engaging record of your wedding day, capturing the excitement and emotion in a format that you can relive again and again.

How a Second Shooter Enhances the Coverage

Adding a second shooter to your wedding photography package can significantly enhance the breadth and depth of your coverage. A second shooter provides alternate angles, covers simultaneous events, and allows us to capture moments that might otherwise be missed.

The Pre-Wedding Shoot

Building Connection Before The Big Day

A pre-wedding shoot is not just about great pictures, but also about building a connection. It’s a chance to get comfortable in front of the camera, understand the process, and create a rapport that helps the wedding day shoot flow more seamlessly.

Using Pre-Wedding Pictures for Engagement Announcements

The photographs from your pre-wedding shoot can be used for a variety of purposes, including engagement announcements and save-the-date cards. It’s a beautiful and personal way to announce your upcoming nuptials to loved ones.

Preparation for Being in Front of the Camera

It is completely natural to feel a little anxious about being in front of the camera. That is why the pre-wedding shoot is a great opportunity to practice and prepare, leading to a more relaxed and confident you on the actual wedding day.

Flexible Wedding Packages

Starting with Six Hours of Coverage

My wedding photography packages start with six hours of coverage, designed to capture all the essential moments. Whether it’s the first look, the vows, or the first dance, you can trust my lens to capture these irreplaceable moments exquisitely.

Adapting Packages to Meet Specific Needs

Every wedding is unique and so are its photography needs. Hence, I strive to adapt my packages to meet your specific requirements, making sure that all special moments and events during your wedding day are documented.

High-Quality Prints and Online Galleries

Following your wedding, you will receive high-quality prints, as well as full access to an online gallery containing all your wedding photos. This offers you the freedom to view and share your pictures anytime, anywhere.

Canvas Prints and Elegant Albums

Immortalizing Your Memories in Canvas

There’s something deeply evocative about a beautifully framed canvas print. It serves as a constant reminder of the love and happiness you experienced on your wedding day. Therefore, I offer the option of turning your favourite wedding images into eye-catching canvas prints.

Embracing Elegance in Printed Albums

For those looking for a more traditional way to store their wedding memories, I offer beautifully designed printed albums. Handcrafted with elegance and sophistication, these albums serve as a classic keepsake of your special day.

Options for More Customized Prints

Customization adds a personal touch to your wedding memories. With options for customized prints, you can choose specific images, layouts, and feel confident that your wedding album or canvas prints tell your story in a way that resonates with you.

Wellington and Beyond

Covering Regional Weddings at No Extra Cost

Based in Wellington, I cover weddings throughout the region, at no extra cost. Irrespective of where you are tying the knot in this beautiful part of the world, my services are but a booking away.

Catering to Destination Weddings

Dreaming about a destination wedding? I am ready and excited to accompany you. Be it a pristine beach in Bali or a vineyard in France, my lenses are eager to capture your fairy-tale wedding.

Traveling Photographers for Exotic Venues

Exotic venues call for exquisite photography that captures their uniqueness and beauty. As a travel-friendly photographer, I am ready to journey to these majestic locales and ensure your wedding photos match the splendour of your chosen venue.

Becoming a Part of the Couple’s Journey

Capturing the Day Authentically and Beautifully

Understanding that I am capturing one of the most important days in a couple’s life is always at the forefront of my efforts. My goal is to authentically and beautifully capture your wedding day, reflecting the love, joy and heartfelt emotions that abound.

Understanding the Couple’s Vision

Each couple has a unique vision for their wedding, and as a photographer, it is my duty to translate this vision into reality. By taking the time to understand your expectations and preferences, I can ensure that every photograph reflects your personal touch.

Translating the Dream into Reality

With a deep understanding of your dream wedding day, I work tirelessly to bring it to life. Translating every planned detail and every spontaneous moment into tangible memories you can look back on is my unequivocal objective.

Tiered Wedding Packages

What’s Included in Tier One

The tier one package includes six hours of on-site coverage with a single shooter and a 30-minute pre-wedding shoot. Following the event, you’ll receive an online gallery with digital downloads of all your beautifully captured moments.

What’s Included in Tier Two

The tier two package offers more extensive coverage, with eight hours on-site and a 30-minute pre-wedding shoot. In addition to the online gallery with digital downloads, you’ll also receive a 20-page premium photo book – a timeless keepsake of your special day.

Adding a Second Shooter to a Package

By adding a second shooter, you’ll receive more comprehensive coverage of your wedding day. The second shooter can capture alternate angles, additional moments, and can cover multiple events happening simultaneously.

Videography Packages

Full Wedding Coverage in 4K

The videography package offers full wedding coverage, from the preparations to the reception’s start in stunning 4K resolution. This provides an immersive way to relive the magic of your wedding day.

Cinematic Highlights Reel

In addition to the comprehensive video coverage, you’ll also receive a 5-minute cinematic highlight reel of your wedding day’s best moments. This serves as a beautiful summary of the magical moments from your special day.

Use of Cameras, Gimbals, and Drones for Dynamic Shots

To make your wedding film even more dynamic and stunning, I leverage a range of equipment – cameras, gimbals, and drones. This variety of equipment results in uniquely captivating footage, documenting your wedding from every angle and perspective.

Elopement and Small Home Weddings

Offering Small Coverage for Intimate Gatherings

Small, intimate weddings need as much attention to detail as grander ones. Hence, I offer dedicated coverage for elopements or small home weddings, ensuring that even the quietest and most personal moments are beautifully captured.

Why These Weddings Are Unique

Intimate gatherings have a charm and warmth that is truly unique. Whether it’s a backyard ceremony or a close-knit celebration at home, these weddings offer a distinct, genuinely romantic vibe that is a joy to capture.

Online Gallery and Digital Downloads for Elopements

For elopements and small home weddings, you will receive an online gallery with digital downloads, allowing you to share and relish your beautiful day’s memories with loved ones, regardless of where they are in the world.

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