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Being one of Wellington‘s most sought-after event photographers, Andy Barker Photography is known for its ability to encapsulate the unique spirit of your personal and corporate events. Our services are designed to mark significant milestones with style, professionalism, and creativity, ensuring every applause, toast, and smile is preserved in your photographic memories. With over a decade of experience, we offer unique customized backdrops for all occasions, cutting-edge videography, and live streaming services, translating your joyous moments into tangible keepsakes. We also pride ourselves in our ability to provide instant image sharing with SpotMyPhotos, bringing added layers of engagement and enjoyment to your events. Whether it’s a grand corporate gala or an intimate personal celebration, we’re not just photographers – we’re your partners in capturing success and joy.

Why Choose Wellington Event Photography

At Wellington Event Photography, we understand that capturing moments at events is no small feat. It requires a scientific precision to record minute details and an artistic flair to sculpt them into timeless memories. As such, we provide photography services tailored for both high profile corporate events and significant personal celebration.

High Profile Corporate Event Photography

Corporate events are platforms where unspoken motivations meet concrete actions. Avenues where strategies evolve beyond boardrooms and organizations engage with the world. We understand the magnitude of such events and specialize in capturing every handshake, every applause, every unveiling – all with an expert eye and professional grace.

Significant Personal Celebration Photography

Life is an unending cascade of moments, some of which are so exceptional that they deserve to be captured and preserved eternally. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduation ceremonies, they all hold a special place in our hearts, and we are committed to capturing these special personal celebrations with warmth and creativity.

Professional, Creative and Stylish Capture of Moments

There’s an art in capturing the fleeting moments in time and presenting them like a canvas that resonates with emotion and joy. We strive to immerse ourselves fully to understand the depth of the event and represent it in the most professional, creative and stylish way possible.

Experience of Wellington Event Photography

Over a Decade in Event Photography

With over a decade of experience in event photography, we have honed our craft to perfection. Having covered a myriad of events, we seamlessly adapt to the unique rhythms and demands of each occasion.

Expertise in Various Types of Events

Our broad-based experience lends us the ability to effortlessly manage the photographic demands of a wide array of events. From office holiday parties and product launches to family gatherings, we bring our expertise and adaptability to ensure beautiful captures.

Preserving Special Moments with Unique Flair

We preserve special moments with a unique flair. Our extensive experience allows us to nicely balance spontaneity with restraint, ensuring every photograph is an exquisite mix of emotion and art.

Videography and Live Streaming Services by Wellington Event Photography

Cutting-Edge Videography for Event Capture

Our videography services employ the use of the most modern equipment to record every precious moment in high definition. The advanced technology we use allows us to deliver a product that is nothing short of cinema-grade quality.

Live Streaming for Real-Time Sharing of Events

In this tech-driven world, immediate sharing of events is becoming increasingly important. To cater to this need, we offer professional live streaming services that allow you to share your event in real time with an online audience.

Preservation of Precious Moments in HD and 4K Quality

To ensure the longevity of your memories, we offer preservation of your precious moments in superior HD and 4K quality. This will allow you to relive your special events with the clarity and vibrancy they deserve.

Unique Custom Backdrops for Events

Custom Backdrops for Special Occasions

We provide unique custom backdrops that add an element of personality to your events and breathe life into the pictures. They showcase the essence of your special day while lending a unique charm to the photos.

Company Logos and Celebration Themes

From company logos for corporate events to anniversary themes, we ensure that every backdrop we create is unique and reflects the vibe of the occasion.

Turn Every Photo into a Keepsake with Unique Backdrops

Our backdrops don’t just make your photos stand out; they turn your pictures into keepsakes. Pieces of art that mirror the celebrations of your life.

Instant Photo Sharing with SpotMyPhotos

Boosting Event Engagement with SpotMyPhotos

We also provide SpotMyPhotos, an inventive platform that lets you instantly share professional photographs. This has been proven to boost engagement at events, thus improving the overall experience.

Instant Sharing of Professional Event Photos

With SpotMyPhotos, you can share professional event photos instantly. No more waiting for days for the pictures to be processed and uploaded. Share and relive every moment, the instant it’s captured.

Enhancing Corporate and Personal Events with SpotMyPhotos

Regardless of the nature of the event, corporate or personal, SpotMyPhotos enhances the experience. Sharing photos instantly with attendees, families and friends enhances the experience and keeps the joyous vibes of the event alive.

Professional Event Solutions from Wellington Event Photography

Comprehensive Services: Photography, Videography, and Live Streaming

From creating stunning galleries that narrate the story of your event to recording it and streaming it live, we provide comprehensive event solutions. Our services are extensive yet flexible based on your specific needs.

Tailored Approach to Milestone Parties and Corporate Galas

Every event is unique and requires a unique approach. We offer tailored photography services for all kinds of events from milestone parties to corporate galas. Our expert photographers work closely with you to understand your specific needs and requirements.

Event Capture as Partners in Success and Joy

At Wellington Event Photography, we like to see ourselves as partners in your joy and success, not just service providers. We invest our time and creativity in capturing the highlights and emotions of your event, painting a vivid picture that you can look back on fondly for years to come.

Seamless and Fast Service

Flexible Packages and Quick Turnaround Times

We offer flexible packages to cater to the varying needs of our clients. Our fast turnaround time allows you to get your photos within 72 hours after the shoot, ensuring that you can share your precious memories with others as quickly as possible.

Online Delivery Catering to Corporate Timelines and Personal Preferences

We provide online delivery of photos and videos, catered to corporate timelines and personal preferences. You have access to a digital collection of your memories that you can share and revisit time and again.

Multi-Day Discounts for Versatile Event Services

For events spanning several days, we offer multi-day discounts. This makes our professional and high-quality services accessible and affordable without cutting corners on the quality of the output.

Contact Wellington Event Photography for Memorable Events

Capture Every Cherished Moment of Your Event

Get in touch with us for your upcoming events and let us capture every cherished moment. We consider every occasion as unique as the people hosting them and invest our expertise in imprinting them into ever-lasting memories.

Turning Visions into Extraordinary Photos

Let us turn your visions into extraordinary photos. We understand that every photo is a story waiting to be told. We capture these stories with great care and turn them into extraordinary pictures that speak volumes.

End-to-End Support for Unforgettable Events

With our end-to-end support, we ensure that from the beginning till the end, there are no compromises on quality, creativity and professionalism. We invest our time, efforts and expertise into making your events unforgettable.

Photo Wall Backdrops with Green Screen Options

Setting the Tone of Event with Professional Backdrops

Our backdrops are perfect for setting the tone for your event. Built out of high-quality material, they are perfect for adding depth and character to your photos. We have a range of backdrops that can match the theme and aesthetics of your event.

Custom Green Screen Backdrops for Unique Photos

We offer custom green screen backdrops for those who want something different. With this, you can have virtually any kind of background, from cityscapes to abstract designs.

Enhancing Posed and Candid Shots with Elegant Backdrops

An elegant backdrop can add a great deal of context to any photograph, elevating both candid and posed shots. We provide carefully selected backdrops that enhance every type of photo, creating a cinematic effect in each frame.

Pricing and Packages Offered by Wellington Event Photography

Comprehensive Pricing for Various Event Timelines

Our pricing packages are comprehensive, accommodating a wide range of event timelines. Whether you need us for one hour, two hours, half a day, or multiple days, we have packages that suit your needs and provide the best value.

Facial Recognition, Custom Branding and Other Add-On Features

In addition to photography and videography, we offer unique add-on services like facial recognition and custom branding with SpotMyPhotos. These additional features help in enhancing your event’s coverage and providing a more personalized experience.

Special Discounts for Multi-Day Event Coverage

We understand that some events may extend beyond a day and to accommodate such requirements, we offer special discounts for multi-day coverage. This helps in making our services affordable and accessible while ensuring comprehensive coverage for your event.

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