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Let me take you inside Wellington’s top tier corporate Photography services. Imagine, if you will, a series of vibrant images, capturing every socio-dynamic aspect of your business, from power-packed meetings to the gritty realities of on-site operations, even the spirited camaraderie of team-building activities. We don’t just observe, we integrate into your team, optimizing every angle to portray your business, whether corporate or trade, in impeccable light. Half-day sessions, full-day sessions, we tailor our services to your preferences and provide you with high-quality, alluring images that effectively communicate your company’s essence to clients, employees, stakeholders alike. And all of this is delivered efficiently, within 72 hours of your session – outstanding imagery, no fuss. So, are you ready to let us help you script your visual narrative?

Corporate Photography: Capturing the Essence of Your Business

The importance of imagery in the world of business cannot be overstated. From the hustle and bustle of office life to the kinetic world of trade work, your corporate photographs should perfectly encapsulate your company’s culture, values, and commitment to excellence. I offer a specialist corporate photography service aimed at capturing this very essence that makes your company unique in its own right.

Reflecting company’s culture, values, and excellence through imagery

The images that represent your business should accurately mirror your company’s ethos, its underlying values, and the unyielding pursuit of excellence it stands for. As a corporate photographer, I thrive in capturing photographs that not just show but reflect your company, its people, what you do and what you stand for – the true spirit of your enterprise, if you will.

Full Day or Half Day Sessions tailored to your Needs

No business is the same, and thereby, the needs are different. Whether your requirement calls for a full-day session, or you need me to capture the crux in half a day, I adapt accordingly. Further, the photography session is not limited to a specific location. Whether it’s office spaces, workshops, team building activities, job sites, or a day with the team on the field, I blend in, seeking the perfect opportunities to capture your business in its true, daily environment.

Integration with team for authentic business environment depiction

I believe in capturing authentic images that showcase your native business ambience, rather than staging scenes. To achieve this, I integrate seamlessly with your team, working more like a team member than an outside observer. It allows me to photograph moments that truly embody your company’s unique work environment.

Your Business in Action: What we Capture

Meetings & Workshops: Showcasing collaboration

Team meetings and workshops are great occasions to capture the collaborative spirit of your team, and I aim to precisely showcase this synergy in the photographs. These dynamic, candid pictures bring to life the ideas being born, shaped, and shared by various team members.

Onsite Operations & Trade Activities: Capturing the frontline action

I take on capturing your onsite operations and trade activities headfirst, be it a bustling office or a busy workshop. These visuals will capture your team in action, highlighting the dedication and professionalism that goes into what you do best.

Following Vans & Field Work: Documenting field teams

From following the company vans to documenting your team’s day out in the field, these images bring forward a different aspect of your business. The commitment of your field team, the places they go, the people they meet, the jobs they do – all form an essential part of the company’s story I aim to tell through these vibrant visuals.

Team Building Activities: Building relationships through snapshots

A snapshot of a team-building activity isn’t just a photo; it’s a testament to the relationships that form the backbone of your team. The smiles, the triumphs, the camaraderie – I seize these moments to show how teams bond beyond the realms of work.

Job Sites: Highlighting various office dynamics and hands-on trades and services

Whether it’s an office space buzzing with activity or a serene job site, I capture a variety of dynamics that highlight both the work and the people behind the work. By carefully incorporating these visuals, the diverse facets of your business are distinctly portrayed.

Fast Delivery, Ready to Use

Guaranteed Delivery within 72 hours

Time is precious in business, so I ensure that I deliver professionally edited photos within 72 hours of your session.

Ideal for Website Content, Social Media Posts, Sales Proposals, Case Studies

The photographs can be seamlessly integrated into your website content, used for creating engaging social media posts, adding a personal touch to sales proposals, or making compelling visual case studies.

Quality Imagery with No Fuss

Handling all details from planning the shots to post-session editing

From planning the perfect shots to the fine details of post-session editing, I take up all the nitty-gritty involved. Rest assured, the results will be engaging, high-quality images that capture the true essence of your business.

Receiving high-quality, engaging images that represent your business

From the decisive moment that the shutter clicks, my main aim remains to create engaging images that thoroughly represent what your business is all about.

Reflect Your Brand

Creating a visual narrative that resonates with clients, employees, and stakeholders

Businesses that strike a chord with their clients, employees, and stakeholders are the ones that thrive. And I help you create a visual narrative that resonates, and hits close to home with them.

Capturing the real essence of your business

My photographs aim to deliver a clear and true reflection of your business. They aren’t just images, but stories conveying the essence of what your business stands for.

Schedule your Session

Contact details for scheduling

Get in touch with me to schedule your session. Let’s bring your business to life, one frame at a time.

Bringing your business to life, one frame at a time

Each frame is meticulously composed to communicate your story. Your business, passions, people, all coming to life through striking imagery.

Andy’s Recent Galleries

Link to view recent galleries

An image speaks volumes about a photographer’s style. Feel free to browse my recent work to understand my style and photographic vision.

Examples of prior work and style

My galleries serve as a brilliant illustration of my previous work and the style I adhere to. Every company I’ve worked with tells a different story, and it’s manifested through my lens.

Pricing Details

Half Day and Full Day Pricing

Whether you require a half-day or a full-day session, I offer flexible pricing options that are tailored to meet your specific needs. Contact me for detailed pricing information.

Included services and features

The package includes planning, shooting, veincorporation of unique concepts, post-session editing, and delivery of high-resolution digital images.

Additional Add-on services and their costs

In addition to the standard package, you can also choose from a variety of add-on services including Drone shots, creation of a 60-second highlight video, and a 24-hour rush on the gallery, among others.

Travel Policy

Inclusion of travel across sites in Wellington in package

All travel across sites within Wellington is included in the package.

Additional costs for travel outside of Wellington Region

For locations outside the Wellington region, there will be an additional charge reflecting the cost of travel.

Commercial Use License

Inclusion of commercial use license in package

A commercial use license is included in the package, giving you peace of mind to use the photos for all your business needs.

Rights and permissions granted with the license

This license grants you broad rights and permissions to use the photos across various media for your commercial and marketing needs.

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