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OnlyFans Content Creation

Professional Content Creation for Only Fans

Kia ora, I’m Andy Barker, and welcome to my professional content creation service for OnlyFans. I specialise in crafting high-quality, commercially-focused photos and videos that boost your online presence and maximise your earnings.

I understand that it can be a bit nerve-wracking to step in front of professional gear. That’s why I make sure each session is as comfortable and relaxed as possible. You’ll have a solid 90 minutes to 2 hours with me, where we’ll focus on creating top-notch content that sets you apart.

For our sessions, I can come to your location with my full professional setup, or we can opt for a stylish city-centre hotel that offers privacy and a variety of backdrops to enrich your content. All costs associated with the location are transparently included in the session fee—no hidden extras, I promise.

Feel free to bring anything that aligns with your content and personal brand. My goal is to capture your unique style and help you create content that resonates with your fan base and maximises your earning potential.

With my professional approach to every session, we’ll focus on creating top-tier content that meets your commercial goals and appeals to your audience.

I bring my professional photography and directorship skills to each session, guiding you through the process with high-end equipment and optimal lighting setups to ensure your content is of the highest quality and aligns with your personal brand.

One-Off vs Regular Sessions

Whether you’re after a one-off session or keen on regular weekly/monthly sessions, I’ve got you covered.

One-Off Sessions

Perfect if you’re wanting to dip your toes into the world of professional content creation or need high-quality content for a special occasion or theme. Each one-off session is carefully planned to maximise the output and ensure a diverse range of content.

Regular Sessions

Ideal if you’re looking to maintain a steady flow of professional content. Regular sessions allow me to build a deeper understanding of your personal brand, enabling me to tailor each session to your evolving needs and preferences. Plus, I offer discounted rates for regular bookings as a way to support your ongoing success. These can be anywhere up to 50% off depending on the frequency of the sessions.

Ready to take your OnlyFans content to a professional level? Get in touch with me. Your session, either on location or in a city-centre hotel if required, is just a booking away. Let’s create content that not only connects with your fans but also contributes positively to your bottom line.

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Session Fee

Up to two hours at your place

Unlimited photos in that time

10 High-resolution downloads included

2x 30-Second video downloads included


Session Fee

Up to two hours in a hotel

Unlimited photos in that time

10 High-resolution downloads included

2x 30-Second video downloads included


Extra Downloads

25 high-resolution downloads

Single images – $60.00


Extra Videos

60-Second videos

Can be edited into smaller bits (eg 2x 30-seconds)


Ready to bring your OnlyFans content up to a professional standard?

Start your intimate boudoir photography journey here. Your 90-minute to 2-hour session, including a city-centre hotel setting, is just a booking away. Let’s create images that make you smile and celebrate your beauty, your way.