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If you’re searching for a talented photographer in Wellington who can capture the most beautiful moments in life, look no further than Andy. With expertise in weddings, events, portraits, family photoshoots, and even real estate, Andy is committed to providing you with stunning, high-quality photos that you can cherish forever. With his keen eye for detail and artistic vision, Andy strives to freeze those important moments, allowing you to relive them over and over again. Whether you’re hoping to capture the joy and energy of your wedding or create lasting memories of your family or home, Andy has the skill and experience to deliver exceptional results. Check out his website for pricing details and to see examples of his incredible work.

Services Provided by Andy

Andy offers a range of photography services to cater to different occasions and needs. Whether you’re getting married, hosting an event, looking for portrait photography, planning a family photoshoot, or in need of real estate photography, Andy has got you covered. With his expertise and commitment to capturing beautiful moments, you can trust him to deliver stunning photos that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Andy’s Commitment to Capturing Beautiful Moments

  1. Keen Eye for Detail: Andy’s keen eye for detail enables him to capture even the smallest moments and nuances that make each event or photoshoot unique and special. He pays attention to every little element and ensures that nothing goes unnoticed.

  2. Artistic Vision: With his artistic vision, Andy brings a creative and imaginative approach to his photography. He knows how to play with light, composition, and angles, creating visually striking and captivating images.

  3. Retaining the Joy and Energy: Andy understands the importance of capturing the genuine joy and energy of each moment. He makes sure that his photos reflect the true spirit and emotions of the occasion, allowing you to relive and cherish those moments for years to come.

  4. Creating Lasting Memories: Andy’s ultimate goal is to create lasting memories through his photography. He believes in the power of visual storytelling and works tirelessly to capture the essence and significance of each event or photoshoot, creating a collection of photographs that will be cherished for generations.

Why Choose Andy as Your Photographer

  1. Experience and Expertise: Andy brings years of experience and expertise to every project he undertakes. He has honed his skills through countless weddings, events, portraits, and photoshoots, making him well-equipped to handle any photography challenge.

  2. Stunning, High-Quality Photos: With Andy, you can expect nothing less than stunning, high-quality photos. He uses professional-grade equipment and combines it with his technical expertise to ensure that every image is sharp, well-composed, and visually appealing.

  3. Wellington’s Top Photographer: Andy has earned a reputation as one of Wellington’s top photographers. His exceptional work and commitment to customer satisfaction have made him a trusted choice for capturing beautiful moments in the city.

Event Photography Services

  1. Coverage of Special Events: Andy specializes in event photography and offers comprehensive coverage of special events. Whether it’s a corporate conference, a birthday celebration, or a music concert, he has the skills and experience to capture the atmosphere and essence of the occasion.

  2. Capturing Moments and Emotions: Events are filled with countless moments and emotions that deserve to be captured. Andy excels at documenting these special moments, allowing you to relive the event and experience the emotions all over again through his photographs.

  3. Unique and Creative Shots: Andy goes beyond the traditional event photography. He strives to capture unique and creative shots that stand out from the crowd. His ability to think outside the box and find interesting angles and compositions adds an artistic touch to his event photography.

Important Aspects of Event Photography

  1. Understanding the Event: Before diving into capturing an event, Andy takes the time to understand the purpose, theme, and key moments of the occasion. This allows him to anticipate important moments and ensure that they are perfectly captured.

  2. Preparation and Planning: Event photography requires thorough preparation and planning. Andy communicates with the event organizers to get all the necessary details, create a shot list, and ensure that he arrives well-prepared on the day of the event.

  3. Equipment and Lighting: Andy uses professional-grade equipment to capture high-quality images in any lighting condition. He understands the importance of having the right tools and is well-versed in using different lighting techniques to achieve the desired results.

  4. Working with Different Lighting Conditions: Events often present challenging lighting conditions, such as dimly lit venues or harsh outdoor lighting. Andy has the expertise to adapt to these conditions and make the necessary adjustments to ensure that the photos turn out beautifully.

  5. Managing Large Crowds: In events with large crowds, it can be challenging to capture individual moments while ensuring that the overall atmosphere is captured as well. Andy has the skill and experience to manage large crowds and capture both intimate moments and the energy of the event.

Tips for a Successful Event Photoshoot

  1. Scout the Venue: Before the event, visit the venue to familiarize yourself with the layout, lighting, and potential photo opportunities. This will help you plan your shots and make the most of the location.

  2. Communicate with the Event Organizer: Keep open lines of communication with the event organizer to stay updated on any changes, important moments, or specific requests they may have. This will ensure that you can capture everything they envision for the event.

  3. Capture Candid Moments: Candid shots often capture the most genuine emotions and interactions. Keep an eye out for spontaneous moments and aim to capture them discreetly. These candid shots will add authenticity and depth to your event photography.

  4. Focus on Details: Pay attention to the little details that make the event unique. Capture close-up shots of decorations, food, and other elements that contribute to the overall experience. These details will help tell the story of the event.

  5. Capture Group Photos: Group photos are an essential part of event photography. Ensure that you capture both formal group shots and candid group interactions. Group photos serve as a wonderful keepsake for the participants and help capture the sense of community.

  6. Be Flexible and Adapt to Changing Situations: Events are dynamic, and things may not always go as planned. Be prepared to adapt to changing situations, think on your feet, and adjust your photography approach accordingly. Flexibility is key to capturing unexpected and memorable moments.

Pricing and Packages

Andy provides detailed pricing information for each of his photography services on his website. Each service is priced based on factors such as the duration of the shoot, the number of photographs delivered, and any specific requirements. In addition to individual service pricing, Andy also offers customizable packages to suit different needs and budgets. With his competitive pricing and excellent quality of work, you can be assured of getting great value for your money.

Customer Testimonials

Andy has a long list of satisfied clients who have left positive feedback about his photography services. Their testimonials are a testament to the quality of Andy’s work, his professionalism, and his ability to capture beautiful moments. These testimonials can be found on Andy’s website and serve as proof of his commitment to customer satisfaction.

Booking Information

To book Andy’s photography services, simply contact him through the provided contact details on his website. He is available to answer any questions, provide additional information, and discuss your specific photography requirements. Andy’s booking process is straightforward and hassle-free, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish. If you’re in Wellington and looking for a talented photographer to capture your special moments, Andy is the perfect choice.


When it comes to event photography in Wellington, look no further than Andy. His exceptional skills, artistic vision, and commitment to capturing beautiful moments make him the ideal choice for any occasion. With his experience and expertise, you can trust Andy to deliver stunning, high-quality photos that will preserve the joy, energy, and memories of your event for years to come. Contact him today to book his services and make your event truly unforgettable.

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