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If you’re looking for a way to ensure that all your loved ones can be a part of your special day, even if they can’t physically be there, then look no further than the live streaming services offered by Andy, an experienced and talented photographer based in Wellington. With his expertise in weddings, events, and more, Andy is committed to capturing the most beautiful moments in life and preserving them for you to cherish forever. Whether it’s the joy and energy of your wedding or a large event, or the priceless memories of your family or home, Andy’s multi-cam live streaming will allow your loved ones to be a part of the celebration no matter where they are. Plus, with prices listed on his website for all his services, you can easily find the perfect package to meet your needs. So why wait? Let Andy help you share and re-live those important moments in life.

Live Streaming of Weddings and Events

Wedding Photography

Expertise and experience of Andy

When it comes to capturing the most beautiful moments of your wedding, you need someone with expertise and experience. That’s where Andy, an experienced Wellington photographer, comes in. With his keen eye for detail and artistic vision, Andy is committed to giving you the best photos that truly capture the essence of your special day.

Capturing the most beautiful moments

Your wedding day is filled with countless precious moments that you’ll want to remember forever. From the nervous excitement of getting ready, to the emotional walk down the aisle, to the joyful celebration with your loved ones, Andy will be there to capture every single moment. His goal is to freeze these special moments in time, allowing you to relive them over and over again.

High-quality photos

When it comes to wedding photography, quality is key. Andy understands the importance of delivering photos that not only capture beautiful moments but also showcase the emotions and atmosphere of your wedding day. Using top-of-the-line equipment and his expertise in lighting and composition, Andy ensures that the photos he delivers are of the highest quality.

Retaining the joy and energy of your wedding

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event filled with joy and energy. Andy’s photography skills go beyond simply taking pictures – he has a knack for capturing the emotions and energy that make your day so special. From the laughter and tears during the speeches to the excitement on the dance floor, Andy’s photos will help you relive the emotions and energy of your wedding day for years to come.

Creating lasting memories

After the cake has been eaten and the flowers have wilted, what remains are the memories of your wedding day. Andy understands the importance of creating lasting memories through his photography. His goal is to create photos that not only capture beautiful moments but also evoke emotions and tell a story. With his artistic vision and attention to detail, Andy will create stunning photos that you and your loved ones will cherish for a lifetime.

Event Photography

Expertise and experience of Andy

Just like with wedding photography, Andy brings his expertise and experience to the world of event photography. Whether it’s a corporate event, a birthday party, or a music concert, Andy knows how to capture the most beautiful moments and the energy of the event.

Capturing the most beautiful moments

Events are filled with fleeting moments that can easily be forgotten. But with Andy behind the lens, you can trust that these moments will be captured in all their beauty. From the excitement of the performers on stage to the interactions between guests, Andy will be there to document every memorable moment.

High-quality photos

When it comes to event photography, quality is essential. Andy understands the importance of delivering high-quality photos that not only capture the atmosphere of the event but also showcase the details and emotions. With his technical skills and artistic eye, Andy ensures that the photos he delivers are not only beautiful but also of the highest quality.

Retaining the energy and atmosphere of your event

Events are all about energy and atmosphere, and Andy knows how to capture these elements in his photos. Whether it’s the excitement of a product launch, the warmth of a family gathering, or the thrill of a live performance, Andy’s photos will transport you back to that moment and make you feel like you’re reliving the event all over again.

Live Streaming of Weddings and Events


Expertise and experience of Andy

Portraits are a special way to capture the essence and personality of the subjects. Andy brings his expertise and experience to create high-quality portraits that truly showcase the unique qualities of each individual.

Capturing the essence and personality of the subjects

A great portrait goes beyond just capturing a person’s physical appearance – it should also convey their essence and personality. Andy understands this and uses his skills to capture the true essence of his subjects. Whether it’s a headshot for a professional profile or a family portrait, Andy’s portraits are a true reflection of the individuals being photographed.

High-quality portraits

Quality is paramount when it comes to portraits, as they should be able to withstand the test of time. Andy ensures that his portraits are of the highest quality, using his technical skills and attention to detail to capture every nuance and expression. The result is portraits that not only look stunning but also have a timeless appeal.

Family Photoshoots

Expertise and experience of Andy

Family moments are precious, and Andy understands the importance of preserving these moments and relationships through photography. With his expertise and experience, Andy creates family photoshoots that capture the love, joy, and connection within the family.

Preserving family moments and relationships

Family photoshoots are a wonderful way to freeze a moment in time and preserve the memories and relationships within a family. Andy knows how to capture the love and connection that families share, whether it’s in a posed portrait or during candid moments. These photos not only provide a visual reminder of your family’s bond but also become cherished heirlooms that can be passed down through generations.

Creating lasting memories

The fleeting moments of childhood, the laughter shared during family gatherings, and the love that fills a home – these are the moments that are worth preserving. Andy’s family photoshoots create lasting memories that capture the emotions and dynamics within a family. From playful shots to heartfelt moments, every photo tells a story and reminds you of the joy and love that your family shares.

Live Streaming of Weddings and Events

Real Estate Photography

Expertise and experience of Andy

Real estate photography requires a unique set of skills, and Andy brings his expertise and experience to showcase the best features of properties. Whether it’s a residential home or a commercial space, Andy knows how to capture the essence of a property and generate interest from potential buyers.

Highlighting the best features of properties

In the competitive world of real estate, it’s crucial to make a property stand out from the rest. Andy’s real estate photography does just that by highlighting the best features of a property. From capturing the curb appeal to showcasing the interior design, Andy’s photos will make potential buyers take notice and want to see more.

Generating interest and attracting potential buyers

Great photography can make all the difference when it comes to selling a property. Andy’s photos are designed to generate interest and attract potential buyers by showcasing a property in its best light. With his technical skills and attention to detail, he knows how to capture the unique selling points of a property, whether it’s the breathtaking view from the balcony or the luxurious finishes in the kitchen.

Price Listings

Transparent pricing for each service

At Andy’s photography services, you’ll find transparent pricing for each service. Andy believes in providing his clients with clear and upfront information about the cost of his services. This allows you to make an informed decision and ensures that there are no surprises when it comes to pricing.

Importance of Live Streaming

Connecting with a virtual audience

Live streaming has become increasingly important in today’s digital world. It allows you to connect with a virtual audience, whether they’re loved ones who are unable to attend in person or people from around the world who want to be part of your special occasion. Live streaming breaks down distance barriers and allows you to share your special moments with a larger audience.

Overcoming distance barriers

One of the biggest advantages of live streaming is that it allows you to overcome distance barriers. Whether your loved ones are located in a different city or on the other side of the world, live streaming brings them closer to you. They can watch your wedding or event in real-time, experiencing the joy and excitement just as if they were there in person.

Sharing special moments with loved ones who cannot attend in person

Not everyone can attend a wedding or event in person, whether it’s due to travel restrictions, health issues, or other reasons. Live streaming provides a solution that allows these loved ones to still be part of your special day. They can watch the ceremony, hear the speeches, and join in the celebration from the comfort of their own homes. Live streaming ensures that no one is left out and that everyone can share in the joy of the occasion.

Benefits of Live Streaming Weddings and Events

Reaching a wider audience

Live streaming your wedding or event allows you to reach a wider audience. Not only can your loved ones who couldn’t attend in person join in the celebration, but you can also connect with friends, colleagues, and even acquaintances who may be interested in your special day. Live streaming opens up new opportunities to share your joy and create lasting memories.

Cost-effective solution

Live streaming is a cost-effective solution compared to physically accommodating a large number of guests. It eliminates the need for extra venue space, catering, and other expenses that come with hosting a big event. With live streaming, you can still have an intimate ceremony or event while sharing the experience with a larger audience.

Convenience for remote guests

Live streaming provides convenience for remote guests who may find it difficult or impossible to attend in person. They can watch the live stream from the comfort of their own homes, without the need to travel or make arrangements. This convenience ensures that no one has to miss out on your special day and allows them to feel connected and involved.

Capturing and preserving the live atmosphere

Live streaming not only allows people to watch the event in real-time but also captures and preserves the live atmosphere. The energy, emotions, and reactions of the guests are all captured on camera, making the live stream feel like a true representation of the event. This adds an extra layer of authenticity and immersion for those watching from afar.

Technical Requirements for Live Streaming

High-quality cameras and equipment

To ensure a seamless live streaming experience, high-quality cameras and equipment are essential. Andy understands the importance of using top-of-the-line equipment to capture the best possible video and audio. This includes cameras that can handle low light conditions and capture clear, crisp images, as well as audio equipment that can capture the speeches and music with clarity.

Reliable internet connection

A reliable internet connection is crucial for a smooth live streaming experience. Without a stable connection, there may be interruptions or buffering during the live stream, which can disrupt the viewing experience. Andy ensures that he has access to a reliable internet connection to ensure a seamless live stream.

Multiple cameras for different angles

To capture all the important moments and different angles of the event, multiple cameras are necessary. Andy utilizes multiple cameras strategically placed to capture a variety of perspectives, ensuring that every important moment is captured from different angles. This enhances the viewing experience and makes the live stream more engaging.

Audio setup for clear sound

Clear sound is essential for a live stream to be enjoyable and immersive. Andy ensures that he has the necessary audio setup to capture the speeches, music, and other audio elements with clarity. This includes using high-quality microphones and audio recording equipment to ensure that the sound is clear and audible throughout the live stream.


Advancements in technology have made live streaming weddings and events more accessible and popular than ever before. With Andy’s photography services, you not only get stunning photos that capture the most beautiful moments in life but also have the option of live streaming to include remote viewers in your special occasions. Live streaming allows you to connect with a wider audience, offers a cost-effective solution, provides convenience for remote guests, and captures the live atmosphere of your wedding or event. Whether you choose to have a live stream or opt for traditional photography services, Andy’s expertise and experience ensure that your special moments are captured and preserved in the best possible way. So, if you’re looking for a Wellington photographer who can capture the essence and emotion of your precious moments, look no further than Andy.

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