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Hey there, future brides of Wellington! Struggling with choosing the perfect wedding photographer? Andy Barker, one of Wellington’s most sought-after wedding photographers, is here to guide you. Below are the top 5 questions every bride should consider when making this crucial choice.

1. What’s Your Photography Style?

Photographers have unique styles—be it documentary, portraiture, or a mix. Andy Barker specializes in a storytelling style that captures not just moments, but emotions as well. This sets him apart from other Wellington wedding photographers.

2. How Experienced Are You in Wedding Photography?

Experience isn’t just about the number of weddings shot, but also about understanding the nuances that make each wedding special. Andy has spent years capturing unique moments at Wellington weddings, providing him with invaluable local experience. Check out his portfolio for a sneak peek.

3. Do You Have Any Package Options?

Planning a wedding is like juggling a bunch of balls at once, especially when it comes to finances. Andy understands this well and offers flexible packages to suit all budgets without compromising on quality.

4. Can I See a Full Wedding Album?

A portfolio will show you a photographer’s best work, but a complete wedding album provides a more comprehensive view. Visit Andy’s portfolio page to see how consistently he captures magical moments from start to finish.

5. Are You Familiar with My Wedding Venue?

Knowing a venue can make all the difference in the quality of your photos. Luckily, Andy has extensive experience with venues in Wellington. Curious? Contact him to discuss your venue and photography needs.


Making the right choice for a wedding photographer in Wellington is no small feat. Ask these questions to make an informed decision and check out what Andy Barker can offer. He’s geared up to answer these and more to capture your wedding as you’ve always imagined.

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